Well-coordinated teamwork speaks About Us

Maritime Passion in Action

Immersed in a maritime passion, we love navigating the intricacies of the shipping industry. From assisting with terms to finding the right partners and post-fixing, each voyage reflects our commitment to exceptional shipbroker services.

Our Working Process

Our working process is a symphony of maritime expertise and efficiency. From thorough market analysis to strategic negotiations, we navigate each step with precision, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

Our Shipbroker Expertise

Navigating Success Together

At Amurago we redefine maritime excellence through our shipbroker services. As your dedicated partners, our primary duty is to seamlessly connect ship owners with charterers, ensuring optimal deals and efficient vessel movements. Our role involves expertly matching vessels with your unique needs, negotiating favorable terms, and overseeing the entire transaction process. With a keen eye on market dynamics, we navigate complexities to secure agreements that benefit all parties involved. Trust in our negotiation prowess to handle contract terms, freight rates, and communication between stakeholders, fostering transparency and clarity throughout. We excel in risk management, providing insights into potential challenges and guiding you towards informed decisions. Post-fixing, we remain committed to overseeing contract execution, monitoring voyages, and swiftly resolving any issues that may arise.